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Keep Your Stuff Safe
Pack up for riding weekend with a SuperATV Cooler and Cargo Box for your CFMOTO ZForce 950. It’s a heavy-duty storage solution with 30 liters of space for your tools, spare parts, and camping gear. And we insulated the inside, so it doubles as a cooler for drinks and sandwiches. Ride how you want knowing that this cargo box is built to stay sealed tight and in place even on the roughest terrain.

From Cargo Box to Cooler
You can never be too prepared for hitting the trail. That’s why this cargo box is so awesome. Its 30 liters of space allows you to pack for any situation. Heading out on rocky terrain? Pack a few spare parts. Diving into the mud? Throw in a change of clothes. Planning an entire day’s ride? Add ice, drinks, and lunch.

Durable Construction
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to keep up with your buddies and stopping because your cargo is now littering the trail. Thanks to our heavy-duty materials, you won’t have to worry about that. This cooler and cargo box duo bolts to the bed of your ZForce 950, and its robust brackets keep it in place. Plus, with it’s hefty rubber latches to keep your lid sealed tight, your cargo won’t go flying all over the trail.

Convenient and Easy Clean-up
We know how exhausting an entire day of riding can be. That’s why we designed this ZForce 950 cooler with convenience in mind. When you stop for a break, use the built-in cupholders so you don’t spill your drink. And at the end of the day, drain your cooler by pulling the plug on the bottom. It’s that simple


2022-2024 ZFORCE 950 HO SPORT

2022-2024 ZFORCE 950 HO EX

2020-2022 ZFORCE 950 SPORT

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