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Ready for Winter
You’ll never look at winter the same after installing a SuperATV Plow Pro Snow Plow on your CFMOTO UForce 1000! Whether you’re clearing your driveway or plowing a massive parking lot, this UTV plow kit makes the job easy. Our 72” blade operates at seven convenient angles and can be attached or removed in minutes. The mount bolts on easily and is compact enough to keep installed all year long, meaning your side-by-side will be winter ready as soon as you need it to be.

Strength You Can Depend On
Thanks to our quick-connect attachment, you can attach or remove the snow plow blade in minutes. We designed it to be ultra strong because nothing is more annoying than getting halfway through a job and having your equipment give out on you. The body is made from 10-gauge steel and the cutting edge uses a 4-gauge advanced steel alloy. This kit also features shock-absorbing springs and a tilt forward design to minimize damage from surprise impacts. Plus, all mounting components are powder coated for long-lasting performance.

  • 10-gauge steel blade
  • 4-gauge leading edge
  • Flip-forward design
  • Two 4-gauge vertical ribs support high-impact areas
  • 10-gauge horizontal support reinforces the leading edge

Convenient Operation Angles
This UTV plow operates at five convenient angles ranging from 0 to 30 degrees. You can also adjust your tilt to accommodate lifts up to 3” high. Whether you’re pushing snow straight ahead or off to the side, Plow Pro handles it quickly and efficiently. Our responsive winch-operated system makes clearing snow easy, so you’ll be done working in no time.

  • Seven adjustable plowing angles:
    • 0°, 10°, 20°, & 30° left or right of center
  • 52° to 65° adjustable attack angle
  • Height-adjustable skid shoes

Easy Installation—No Drilling Required!
You need a CFMOTO UForce 1000 plow that’s ready to get the job done as soon as the first snowstorm hits. We designed this mounting system to bolt directly to your machine without drilling. You can keep it on your machine all year long, so when it’s time to plow, all you have to do is attach the blade and get to work.


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